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FiligreeNet is an entire digital world of entrepreneurship. It’s our own ecosystem, developed and run by us entrepreneurs. Where we can develop our businesses, automatically connect with our customers, use our own currency, create our own funding opportunities, and help each other grow. It’s where businesses start, grow and thrive

Just in SA there are over 7 million entrepreneurs; and each of us can use about R100 a day. That’s R700 million spent a day by us entrepreneurs only. Almost a billion Rand a day spent by us, but we don’t see a fraction of that in our own businesses. This is because we spend this money on the large corporations who are trying to crush us. Imagine if there was a place where we could meet, to connect and buy from one another only; that 700 million would be redirected back to our businesses, and our chances of success would increase greatly. This is what FiligreeNet is; our own online ecosystem on which we can meet and connect automatically and buy from one another easily and seamlessly; but that is only the beginning.

entrepreneurship Ecosystem

FiligreeNet will completely alter the world of business for entrepreneurs as we know it. As we come together to form this ecosystem, our chances of success improve greatly.

business development facets

FiligreeNet will allow a company to go from conception phase to finding success as our platform includes all the business development facets and all of these are offered by the entrepreneurs themselves.

Business to Business - B2B

Think about it. Everything that you need to develop your business is offered by another entrepreneur. For everything that an entrepreneur sells, there is an entrepreneur buying; for everything that an entrepreneur needs, there’s an entrepreneur selling. All that’s needed is a system that connects these 2 groups of people and allows them to transact. This is what Filigree is; a platform upon which we as entrepreneurs can form our own Ecosystem that is free from the tyranny and control of large organisations.

Free and Easy to use

FiligreeNet is an online platform that is Free and easy to use. It is designed specifically to help your business succeed. All our innovative features are built for your business and its needs. It is easy to register, and once you have, the system will be customized according to what you need. All businesses have different needs. Some need a business plan. Some need a business structure. Some need employees. Some need incubators. Some need funding. Some need customers. Now Filigree doesn’t provide all of these directly, but it connects you to the people who do. We strive to provide a seamless connection to help get you all that your business needs. Mostly we are one person away from the contact that we need. Filigree looks to be that one person in between.

We have conducted steady research and found that all that small business need to succeed is found within them. We used this to design a platform that is specifically geared at targeting the reasons why businesses fail, and to provide the best solutions to this. Click here to see the features that ensure this: (add click button)

A world of Entrepreneurs

FiligreeNet is not a network. It is a world of entrepreneurship. Where an entrepreneur will be able to find everything they need to grow their business and succeed. Just like earth is the platform upon which the people in it form what we call the world; Filigree is the platform upon which entrepreneurs form their own world of business; run and controlled by them.

  • Filigree has its own online currency. This will be the currency which all entrepreneurs use among themselves to transact.
  • Conducts market research and identifies your target market for you.
  • Suggests customers to you before you even know that they joined the system
  • Suggests and creates networks for you; which could help you grow
  • Offers free business development services
  • Connects you to incubators and business hubs
  • Finds potential customers outside the business for you
  • Helps you to form joint ventures with similar businesses when orders are large
  • Helps you sell your products to large corporations.
  • Gives you access to temp employees as and when you need them, at proportional rates.
  • …To name but a few. Try it out and see how much you can utilize it to improve your business.

How does it work?

  1. You simply go to (once it is live. For now you can go to to test out our beta)
  2. You register onto the platform FREELY and easily.
  3. You choose which business level you are at: (Concept; inception; start-up; micro; small business) This will allow our system to tailor make the whole application to your needs based on your business level.
  4. Add your business description, logo and advertisement for free (This add will be shown to your potential customers)
  5. You add your products and what you are selling, as well as the prices.
  6. You add services and products that your business needs or that you might be interested in buying
  7. Based on your business and location, the system will suggest potential connections for you, which are either potential customers or partners.
  8. The system will suggest potential networks that might help you grow. You can choose to enter those networks.
  9. Based on your level, the system will suggest key services that you might need. Eg. If you are at inception you might need business planning services; or funding institutions; or incubators. All these will be available for you to start your business journey with us.
  10. You are good to go. Your profile is now complete.
  11. You can connect with other business people on the system.
  12. Send messages
  13. Set up video meetings.
  14. You can advertise and sell your product on the system for free.
  15. You can post on your news feed.
  16. Create networks.
  17. Find customers automatically; based on the suggestions.
  18. Get free access to business development services (like accounting, business planning, marketing, web development, etc.).
  19. Also, Filigree offers you a monthly salary of our internal currency, the E-Bill. You can use this to buy valuable business development services like (marketing, business planning, web development, legal services, logistics etc.).



FiligreeNet has a large vision that looks to cover the whole earth.

We look to be the world of entrepreneurship; the platform upon which all entrepreneurs take their business to begin, to be established, to grow and to thrive. It is the place where all business ideas will come to live, come to growth and come to find success.

Enterprise supplier development(ESD) PROGRAM

ESD is a combination of Preferential Procurement, Supplier Diversity, Supplier Development and Enterprise Development programs to service business needs. It is part of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment policy to advance economic transformation in South Africa. It compels large corporations to invest money and resources in small businesses, either as a customer or an investor.

FSV Services

Filigree Supplier Vendor (FSV) Services refers to the business development services that our users will have access to in exchange for E-Bills. These include services such as: Business planning, Business registration,Accounting, Marketing, Web development


Coming Soon.....


This is the good part. FiligreeNet was designed specifically to help your business grow. Our innovative features therefore were designed to do just that; and this will not stop. As the world of business changes and grows, and as technology improves, we will keep improving the features of the platform to keep helping your business stay relevant in this 4th industrial revolution. Here are some of the benefits of being a part of FiligreeNet.

1. Automatic connection with customers

When every user signs up they say what they are buying and what they are selling. Using this information and the user profile, Filigree has a special algorithm that will give a automatic customer suggestions for our users daily. You can then connect with that user and sell your product directly to them.

2. Automatic connection with networks

Based on your location and business, the system will suggest networks that you can join which will benefit you. Networks are important as they can help you get constant clients or customers, and also potential partners.

3. Tailor made platform

Based on the level of business that you are at, the platform will be tailor made for your business needs. A concept phase business has different needs than an established business, and the platform will only suggest the things you need.

4. Free E-Bill salary monthly

The E-Bill is the internal currency of the platform. Inside the platform it is like money. You can use it to buy business development services that are offered on the platform; to buy some advertising products (like boosting your post or advertisement); and even to transact with other users who accept the E-Bill as payment. Each user will receive monthly E-Bill salary freely (depending on your level of subscription). You can accumulate this every month and other ways such as inviting others to the platform, and daily log in bonuses. This is a great feature because you can now purchase important business services without spending physical money.

5. Free listing in business directory

As Filigree gets more popular, more and more people are going to purchase products online from the platform. When they do they will seek products from the businesses listed on the platform. As a Filigree user, you will automatically be listed as one of the businesses and you can gain more customers.

6. Smart Market place

Filigree will feature what we call a smart market place. This is where you will put your product for sale, the price and the location. Based on that our algorithm will find potential customers who are interested in your product and who live near you. They will be able to specify the price and delivery date and you (and your competitors) will bid to sell that product should those conditions please you. Every time someone seeks a product that you are selling in the market place, you will receive a notification, and be able to accept the sale or bid for it.

7. Free Advertising

Since this is a business platform, advertising will be valuable. You will be able to create an advert on the platform, using our innovative ad design feature; and this advert will be displayed in the Office page (like a wall) of the users who form your target market. You can also do targeted marketing based on certain demographics.

8. Free market research

Since every user will be asked what things they are looking to buy and also based on their industry, our algorithm will determine who forms a part of your target market. Every user who is your target market will be sent to you as part of your target market feed. You can then advertise directly to them, or send them a connection request.

9. Free Business development services

One of the issues that lead to small businesses failing is that we don’t have access to valuable business development services (such as web development, marketing, business planning, accounting and finance, taxation, legal, logistics, production etc.). This is because we cannot afford them when we are starting. This is why Filigree offers FSV services. This is the part of the platform where you can use E-Bills to purchase these important services. That’s right; you will have access to all of these services without spending actual money. Just accumulate E-Bills and grow your business.

10. Access to ESD program

For the more established businesses, some of your biggest customers are large corporations. In order for large corporations to meet their BEE requirements, they need to invest money in Enterprise Supplier Development. This means that they must spend money buying products from small businesses. However many small businesses are not ready to sell to these corporations. This Filigree Feature helps you to get ready, and then lists you as part of the ready businesses so you could potentially attain a contract with a large corporation.

11. Fili-Fund

Aren’t you tired of the run around of begging for funding from government and other institutions? With Filigree we can take that power back. Once you register for Fili-fund, for every transaction you make on the platform, R1 will be set aside as part of the join Fili-fund. This money BELONGS TO YOU THE USERS only and no one else will have access to it. Therefore when a user seeks funding, they can now do a funding campaign on the platform showcasing their idea or product. They will state the amount they seek. The Fili-fund users will therefore be able to decide whether or not that idea should be funded, by means of pledging. For once we will decide our own fate as entrepreneurs, and we become our own funders!

12. General public marketing

Every product on Filigree will be available to other people who are not a part of the platform but are looking to purchase products. So then when we market Filigree to them, we are marketing your products to them. Most of these features will be freely available to all users. Some will require the use of E-Bills, and more extensive use will be under a premium subscription.

Join the Revolution

In every age there is a system that is developed that defines the success of that age. There became a banking system; an automobile system; an internet system; various business systems; and now introducing the new entrepreneurial system. The 4th industrial revolution is upon us. It is a short way of describing the digital age that we are in and the new phase that business is entering into. As part of this, Filigree is introducing the new entrepreneurial system that will be in the forefront of this.

In an age where things where all physical; where businesses needed large buildings and expensive processes to function, it was hard for the entrepreneur to come out ahead, but now in the digital era, it is possible. We will achieve this by coming together and forming our own ecosystem; our own business narrative; a world of entrepreneurship.

FiligreeNet is an entire digital world of entrepreneurship. It’s our own ecosystem, developed and run by us entrepreneurs. Where we can develop our businesses, automatically connect with our customers, use our own currency, create our own funding opportunities, and help each other grow. It’s where businesses start, grow and thrive.

Join the business revolution today

In order for the system to work we need entrepreneurs to join and begin to build their very own ecosystem and take charge of their business future. Join the revolution today. Click here to preregister for the full platform when it launches in 2020. You will get an email to inform you when the platform officially launches and be listed as one of the founding members.(One day that will be worth a lot) .

One year free premium membership

You will be pre registered as one of the 1st level members which will give you a premium membership for life if you are part of the first 20 000 members, and a 1 year free premium membership if you are part of the first 100 000 members. Click here to take a look at the beta version of the platform. It is fully functional and will give you a taste of what’s to come.

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